Do JUST FRIDGE SEALS manufacture their own Seals?
Yes, they manufacture the exclusive Duramatic Seal™ which ensures the best seal life and performance from your fridge and freezer. The Duramatic Seal™ is a trade marked brand and carries a 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S GUARANTEE

Do JUST FRIDGE SEALS manufacture seals for all makes of fridges?
Yes, for all domestic and commercial makes. Also cold room seals and curtains.

What is the difference between a fridge gasket, a fridge seal and a door rubber?
None, these are just different terms for the same item-a fridge door seal.

What holds my fridge door closed?
Most modern seals contain a magnetic strip, which holds the seal against the fridge cabinet. However, a fridge seal will not make your door close by itself but it will seal the door once it is closed.